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The best way to predict the future is to create it. - Peter Drucker

Enter Directo Caffè

Directo Caffè's very own farm-to-table coffee business model intends to bring people around the world some of the finest coffee from El Salvador, while empowering local farmers by allowing them to have a larger role on the coffee value chain they put their hard work into.

This is not about selling one family's coffee, it's about establishing a platform where small farmers can sell their beans directly to coffee lovers around the world. It's about changing the old, ineffective way and creating a new one that brings progress.

With each bag of coffee sold through Directo Caffè, you are not only getting coffee beans for you to enjoy, you are contributing to the true sustainability of coffee farmers from El Salvador.

Unlike other companies, the coffee beans you receive are processed, roasted, and packaged by the very same people who put their hard work in producing them. It is a win-win relationship for us, farmers, and you, the consumer.

El Salvador is a beautiful, exotic country, full of contrasts: on one side you've got volcanoes, beaches, friendly people, and rich cultural history; and on the other, you've got violence, poverty and inequality. And right in the middle of it, some of the finest coffee man has ever produced.

But coffee in El Salvador is not what it once was: the main source of income for many producers, big, medium and small, who earned a nice living of growing it and exporting unprocessed. The Republic of El Salvador was built on coffee.

But the world changed.

In 21st century El Salvador, the traditional coffee business model of growing and exporting green, unroasted coffee is a failed one for most.

According to our calculations, a Salvadoran farmer earns, at best, $0.16 per each dollar that you spend on coffee. That's about €0.12 or £0.09.

Fair, right?

Moreover, according to the International Coffee Organization, coffee futures prices, which are the standard by which coffee producers get paid for their coffee cherries, are highly volatile, sometimes going -and staying- below the cost of production.

This only benefits corporations, which end up paying less for the coffee they later sell to you, thus making a larger gain. Add a dose of plague called coffee rust: a fungus that has proliferated and mutated due to climate change. It attacks coffee fields, diminishing the quantity of coffee produced.

Just imagine: An ineffective business model that perpetuates poverty, plus low prices, plus a production-reducing plague. This only causes more poverty, more unemployment, less access to education and even more (illegal) migration from the poorest to other countries, increasing economic and social inequality.

But that can be changed!

A social enterprise can be created in order to increase the share of profits earned by farmers, thus helping them break poverty cycles.

Directo Caffè is not a hand-out, it is not a charity.

Directo Caffè is a company by a farmer, for farmers and for coffee lovers.

Directo Caffè wants to deliver El Salvador's finest coffee, directly from our farms to your table!