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The Moka Pot

Random facts about the famous coffee maker known as "Moka pot". 

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Caficultura salvadoreña: Razones de su declive

Artículo de opinión escrito originalmente para la versión en línea de la revista "El Economista".

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Salvadoran Coffee: 10 Reasons Why the Industry Is in Decline – and How to Stop It?

An article originally written for 'Perfect Daily Grind', Britain's premier coffee publication.
The Republic of El Salvador was built on the coffee industry. Now that very industry is dying.
Why is Salvadoran coffee on the brink of collapse – and how can it be saved?

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Chinameca Espresso


Bourbon coffee roasted the classic way.

Directo Espresso


Specially made for those who love a strong espresso.

Classic Bourbon


Our offering from the Eastern mountains of El Salvador.

David's Blend


Our Signature Blend

San Isidro Labrador's Roast


Tones of dark chocolate and mild acidity

Saint George's Roast


A selection of single-origin beans, light roasted to perfection.